A spot of tidying

So many brambles!

I know in a few weeks, the tiny plants that have managed to root will properly take hold, and I will have practically lost the battle for the year.

I’m taking action now, cutting down brambles in 10 minute increments each morning, pulling out suckers as I go. I was surprised at how much I got done this morning, and with only 2 scratches. Not bad, considering I was in a t-shirt.

There’s nothing quite like rage brambling.

The studio hasn’t escaped my attention either, and I’m slightly decluttering and herding similar items together. All my gell printing items are together, and I’ve tried to organise my stencils, masks and mark making paraphernalia, which is tricky because of all the weird shapes.

I would love to add my wool to the studio because it’s more inspiring than boxes, but I’m trying to balance moth-proofing and attractiveness, which is tricky.

More thought needed.