7 Amazing Hairpin Lace Projects

If you are anything like me, when you reach the end of a crochet project you start wondering what you will make next, search your stash and look for patterns (as if we don’t have enough already!)

I fancy a bit of a change, and as the warmer weather gets here I wondered if I should do some more hairpin lace (also referred to as Maltese lace and hairpin crochet). The long loops make a fabulous fabric which drapes easily, especially when worked in a natural yarn like bamboo or cotton.

These are some of the best hairpin crochet designs I’ve seen, and I hope they will inspire you to try this technique.

  • Hairpin Cardi Wrap by Stitch Diva
    I made this a few years ago, and it became my favourite cardi for a while and the shape of this waterfall or cascading style cardigan is still fashionable. Use a yarn with drape for best effect. I was still learning, and chose a red bog-standard acrylic. It was wearable, but it wasn’t as great as it could have been. The pattern includes a knit version.
  • Bustle Skirt by Stitch Diva
    Steampunk crochet! I think this might be my next project. My wardrobe is largely based around jeans though, so I’m not sure what I could wear it with. Perhaps I could make it and just look at it every day?
  • Uncommon Wristlets by Stitch Diva
    These fingerless gloves are unusual. There are two lengths: wristlets (ending below the elbow) and opera (ends at the top of the arm). Again, there is a cabled knitted version available, which look much warmer, rather than the lacy hairpin lace.
  • Lei Necklaces by Artisan Threads
    These necklaces would be great for a beginner to learn hairpin lace, as they are basically one long strip. Once you can make a strip, you can join them in various ways to produce more advanced designs.
  • Haarukkapitsihuivi shawl from Novita
    I’m not really a shawl person, but this is a really lovely hairpin lace shawl. This pattern is written in Finnish, but some people seem to have had success by running it through translation software, such as Babelfish or Google Translate.
  • Hat and Scarf available from crochic
    A cosy looking hat and scarf set which is denser looking than the usual hairpin lace.
  • Wire Earrings
    This is walking on the wild side – obscure crochet technique with wire. 🙂 These look fun to make as a gift, or could be altered to use as a pendant.

First published at CarryYarnStitching