Behind the Scenes, Thursday 13th June 2019

I’ve lots of work on this week, but that’s not a complaint as I like to be busy.I have been crocheting a 6 metre fishing net for the Preston Youth Theatre group to use in our upcoming performance ‘Ghost Net’, which comments on disused nets cluttering our oceans. Evelyn Rose and I have been busy making costumes too, to turn the performers into fish. These will all be used at Making a Mark this Saturday in the Flag Market.I’m also working on a couple of commissions (one I can’t talk about yet) and one for Lancashire Science Festival to be held at Uclan at the end of June.Beyond that, I have started to clean up a local lonk fleece (not too greasy, but full of vm), with the idea of incorporating it into the Dye-versity project.I’m also a bit obssessed with jellyfish right now. I think there’s something brewing, but not sure about it right now. Watch this space.