Craft group FAQ

Wow! Thanks to everyone for showing your support for the session starting on Monday (see here). I’ve been busy answering emails about it and I thought I’d add a FAQ just in case you have questions.

Q. Do I need to bring anything?

A. It’s up to you – feel free to bring your knitting, crochet, or other craft project to work on or get help with. We will have kits for sale and things for you to have a go at, so don’t worry if you forget.

Q. What exactly happens at the group?

A. I’m not quite sure. I’m making it up as I go along, according to what the people who come want. I imagine it’s going to be a bit like a knit & Natter or craft & chat, but with slightly more guidance.

Q. But is it a formal class?

A. No, I don’t think so. More a series of taster sessions. Probably.

Q. Who leads it?

A. I do, I have been teaching crafts since 2011 and have a Level 4 PTLLS teaching qualification. I am a member of Oxheys and have been involved in various community projects for Preston City Council and Lancashire Adult Learning.

Q. Is it all about wool?

A. I don’t know, what do you want to do? I’ve taught myself lots of crafts and if I don’t know how to do something I probably know someone who can help.

Q. Do I have to come every week?

A. No, but you can if you want.

Q. I might be late / I have to leave early, is that OK?

A. No problem.

Q. Can I come to both sessions?

A. If you want, but you’ll need to pay for both sessions.

Q. Can I just turn up or do I have to book?

A. It’s only a small cafe, so it’s a good idea to book, especially if you are travelling. It’s ‘exclusive’ 😉

Q. How much is it?

A. It’s £10 per session, including tea or coffee and a slice of homemade cake. Additional drink and snacks are available at Cafe prices.

Q. I’m vegan / eating gluten free etc. Is there anything for me?

A. No worries, we have a range of options, including soy milk for drinks if you prefer.

Q. What if I book and pay but suddenly can’t make it?

A. Please let me know as soon as possible. Unfortunately for events I can’t offer a refund unless I can fill your space.

Q. I home school – can I bring my child?

A. Yes, that’s fine. Please bear in mind that you can’t leave your child and they must be under your supervision at all times. Some activities might not be child friendly, in which case I can offer something else.

Hope to see you soon! Drop me a message to book a place.