Custard-y Hairpin Goodness

I finished my hairpin shawl for the Hairpin-Along-Athon on Ravelry. I used Patons Misty in Custard, which is a lovely shade of yellow.

I thought it might be scratchy when I finished it, but after washing and blocking it, it’s actually very soft, fluffy, and smells slightly of coconut.

The most tedious part of this project was adding the edging, which sounded plain on paper but turned out ok in the end. The most nerve-racking was washing it ready to block. I’ve never blocked mohair before, and as it sat in the sink, looking like a drowned rat (albeit yellow), my heart sank. So many hours wasted! I was careful not to agitate the water too much, kept the temperature lukewarm, and just worked a little bit of hair conditioner through it with my fingers.

When I fished the drowned rat out, I squeezed it gently in a towel and allowed it to air dry on a bath towel. It’s much longer than I anticipated – about one and a quarter times my height, which is a little bit long, but it will make a good thick scarf, if I can wear it. It *is* yellow.


Here it is, being elegantly modeled by my slightly overgrown hedge. The picture really doesn’t do it justice.