Dyeing with Daffodils

Today was so beautiful I felt I had to go and play in the sunshine. It wasn’t hot, like last week, but warm enough to keep moving in my sheltered back garden.

I’m aware that time is ticking, and I’m feeling behind with this project – probably needlessly, because I did manage to deadhead the daffodils on a walk around the park.

Anyway, I’m satisfied with the progress today. I pulled a couple of batches of fleece out of the suint bucket where they have been quietly stewing for a few weeks, I sowed woad, weld, and other seeds for gathering later this year, and the dye pot, a retired slow cooker, has been warming the daffodil dye bath all day.

I think the slow cooker is going to be a good, efficient way of dyeing at home, as it’s cheap to run and just sits there doing its thing. For more noxious ingredients I have a camping stove I can run on small twigs, pine cones, or wood based cat litter.

Picture of dye bath
Blue faced leicester in a slow cooker daffodil dye bath
Brown fleece drying
One of my new fleeces drying in the sun
4 shades from daffodil dye bath
Centre – original bfl, top right, widdershins; alum mordant, daffodil, iron modifier, alkaline
Long, thin, delicate seeds
Seed of yellow cosmos
Small, pear-shaped seeds
Paper thin, light seeds of woad