Happy day playing with fleece

A friend at a knitting group once warned me that learning to spin wool is a slippery slope, ending in several live sheep.

Last week I slid a bit further down that slope.

I bought my first full* fleece.

Being very excited, I pulled it out of the bag and spread it out to inspect it, only to realise that I had let the air in and there was no way on Earth this thing was going back into the bag it had come out of. I grabbed a couple of black bin liners and stored it in the back yard until I could get to it.

Luckily, the next day was sunny so I gathered my supplies: a big bucket, lots of Fairy liquid, gloves, and an old curtain. (You should always have an old curtain, it’s useful stuff).


Bit by bit, I sorted the fleece into sections to soak, was and dry. It took me most of the day, but eventually I had the fleece sorted out with little felting.

I’ve earmarked some for a friend, but I hope to do a workshop with the Brownies at some point, so I might try to spin some up before then.

What a happy, woolly day!


*Almost full, the really nasty bits full of poo had been taken off.