Preston Mela Prep

I’m thrilled to be taking part in Predton Mela 2019!On behalf of Oxheys, I am leading a project called ‘Dye-versity’. We have sourced wool from Lancashire, grown on t’hills, and I am dyeing it with traditional natural dyes to represent the cultures and communities in Preston, particularly South Asian.Some of the dyes I have picked out are madder, turmeric and of course indigo, which is enjoying a bit of a comeback at the moment. I might expand this selection, but there are so many colours available from those 3 we may not need to!The yarn is from my friend Kate at Northern Yarn in Lancaster, and I was impressed at the texture. It’s beautiful, and I may have to buy more to knit with.We have already had an Outreach session where we invited residents of a home to weave squares to make a larger piece of art.