Knitted Body

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Welcome to the Knitted Body Project

This project is run by the University of Central Lancashire and is funded by the Physiological Society.The aim is to create a knitted body which can be taken into schools and used in the Royal Institution Young Scientists’ Centre, to help teach biology and healthy living to children under 7 years old.

After talking to UCLan’s Dr Liz Granger, we decided to create something to play with, which the children can really interact with, so I designed organs with extra functions – a squeaky heart, a ‘thinking cap’ brain, and an intestinal system table tennis balls can be pushed through.

The volunteers who are knitting organs are a lively bunch and there’s plenty of fun. The youngest knitter is 7 year old, having made a piece of ‘skin’ for the outside, and is now in charge of pompoms alveoli  for the lungs.

If you would like to knit your own organs, please get in touch. We will be releasing patterns here shortly. They are very easy to follow and would be perfect for a school craft group to work on together.

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Sessions run at In the City, St George’s Shopping Centre, Preston

Mondays 1330 – 1530 and Thursdays 1300 – 1500 until 9th June 2016. No charge, just pop in.


Articles about the project

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Sewing light up bookmarks -Brownies

Over two weeks, our Brownies designed, stitched and glued their own light up bookmarks, perfect for night time

Happy Makes- Light Up Bookmark

‘Wow!’ was certainly the word when the girls saw the example bookmark light up. Wearable technology and the idea of e-textiles was relatively new to everyone, and I was impressed by the curiosity the girls displayed.This was the first time many of the girls had done anything more complicated than a running stitch, but they rose to the challenge and produced some smashing designs, featuring dogs, cats, reindeer, uncles, buildings, and so much more!

Despite a drained battery and a couple of short circuits, everyone produced a functional piece to be proud of. Well done, Brownies!

Happy Makes- Brownies workshop


I hope this activity has shown you that sewing doesn’t need to be boring and old-fashioned, and you continue to show the interest in electronics and Making. Can you think of any other uses for what you have learnt? Be creative!