Sewing light up bookmarks -Brownies

Over two weeks, our Brownies designed, stitched and glued their own light up bookmarks, perfect for night time

Happy Makes- Light Up Bookmark

‘Wow!’ was certainly the word when the girls saw the example bookmark light up. Wearable¬†technology and the idea of e-textiles was relatively new to everyone, and I was impressed by the curiosity the girls displayed.This was the first time many of the girls had done anything more complicated than a running stitch, but they rose to the challenge and produced some smashing designs, featuring dogs, cats, reindeer, uncles, buildings, and so much more!

Despite a drained battery and a couple of short circuits, everyone produced a functional piece to be proud of. Well done, Brownies!

Happy Makes- Brownies workshop


I hope this activity has shown you that sewing doesn’t need to be boring and old-fashioned, and you continue to show the interest in electronics and Making. Can you think of any other uses for what you have learnt? Be creative!